Living and working in London and the South of England, Daniel Lickley, is a photographer whose work focuses on portraiture and social documentary.

Daniel views portraiture not as a subjective act but as a collaboration between the photographer and the sitter. The subjects in his photographs bring their personalities, mannerisms and stories into the shoots, which Daniel aims to capture in order to portray something genuine and authentic about the subject.

When working on self-directed personal projects Daniel prefers to shoot on film. The tangible nature of traditional processes connects with the realness of the portraits and stories that he photographs. Daniel aims for an outcome that is more rarified and organic, when compared to the highly manipulated images that circulate the mainstream.


Free Range 2016, Surface, Brick Lane, London, 23 Jun 2016 - 27 Jun 2016

PHOTOGRAD Blog, Free Range Photography Week One - PHOTOGRAD Picks, 27 Jun 2016,

The Pupil Sphere, An Interview With: Daniel Lickley, 23 Sep 2016,

Crane Kalman Brighton, Cream'16, Edward Street, Brighton, 9 Nov 2016 - 3 Dec 2016

Exhibitions and Publications

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